Dunlop Tire Memorial Day Rebate Sale

May 27, 2016

Dunlop Tire Memorial Day Rebate SaleRecently, we told you about a Dunlop Tire Rebate to get up to $50 back. But, as if that wasn't enough, we've decided to one-up that deal by combining TWO rebates, in order to give you the chance to get up to a $90 rebate!

For a limited time, combine two current Dunlop rebates and get up to $90, with the purchase of two select tires and service from Central Florida PowerSports.

Here's how you can save:

  • Purchase any set of the tires below, plus any service and get $90 in pre-paid visa rebates by combining available $50 and $40 rebate offers.
    • American Elite
    • Elite 3
    • Elite 4
    • Sportmax Q3
    • Sportmax Roadsmart II
  • Purchase any set of the tires below, plus any service and get $40 in pre-paid visa rebates by combining these two available $20 rebate offers.
    • Sportmax GPR-300
    • Geomax MX11
    • Geomax MX32/MX3S
    • Geomax MX52
    • Geomax AT81/AT81RC

Qualifying tires

  • $50 – American Elite, Sportmax Q3, Roadsmart II, Elite 3, and our New Elite 4
  • $20 -  Sportmax GPR-300, Geomax Tires

Qualifying Service

You're going to need new tires anyway... You might as well get a nice rebate! Hurry in today before the deal is gone!

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