July 23, 2020

We have a major issues coming up that are going to affect YOUR wallet. We need your help to make it known to our U.S. reps that tariffs of up to 100% on all bikes, scooters, parts & accessories from the UK and the European Union.

Everyone is busy, but this is really important. So, below we have added detailed instructions and even have something you can literally cut, paste, and personalize. Let's make sure our reps know how we weigh in on these tariffs.

ACTION #1 - Weekend Deadline to Help Stop 100% Tariffs on Bikes, Scooters, Parts & Accessories from the UK or the European Union

The clock is ticking and this Sunday is the deadline for powersports enthusiasts to send critically needed letters to the United States Trade Representative, speaking out against possible tariffs of up to 100 percent on all 500-700cc motorcycles and scooters, as well as all parts and accessories, from the European Union and the United Kingdom.

For your convenience, we have given you a sample letter you can copy and paste. Please be sure to read it and edit whatever parts are appropriate. Once you have a final letter, please post it here.

Here is the letter you can base yours on...


The Honorable Robert Lighthizer U.S. Trade Representative
600 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20508

Dear Ambassador Lighthizer:

I am writing to urge you not to impose tariffs of up to 100 percent on European motorcycles (500cc-700cc), parts, and accessories as part of the WTO Large Aircraft Dispute. Doing so will significantly harm American businesses that are already crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand the United States' concern regarding subsidies paid by European Union (EU) countries to Airbus, which may be harming competitiveness for our American manufacturer, Boeing. However, as Boeing executives testified last year before the USTR and USITC, retaliatory tariffs as a result of this dispute should be aimed at the aircraft manufacturing industry. We agree with Boeing on that point and ask that if you do impose additional tariffs on imports from the EU, they should be on Airbus and their EU suppliers, not on the motorcycle industry.

Tariffs are taxes paid by American small businesses and consumers who purchase goods under tariff. They are not paid by the countries from which the products are purchased. If the proposed tariffs were to go into effect, my finances would be significantly impacted. There are 12.2 million motorcycles in use across the country. They all need critical parts like tires, brakes, and brake pads. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, the average motorcycle owner invests more than $500 a year in maintenance and accessories. Many of those owners are low- and middle-income individuals who cannot afford a doubling in the cost of their replacement parts, or the potential loss of their local dealership due to crippling tariffs.

Please, do not impose tariffs of up to 100 percent that will significantly harm my business in America.



ACTION #2 - POWER IN NUMBERS: Get As Many As Possible to Help

Please also share this post with others who can help. We don't have much time at all. We need to act by this Sunday, July 26.

Unless you've got loads of money to burn on your next bike or helmet, please get involved. We and your wallet thank you.




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