November 09, 2012


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Moto-Lisa Jacket and Vest

Moto-Lisa Textile Leather Jacket & Vest

Fellow Lady Riders! Lets talk about the new 2013 Speed & Strength Line for Women’s protective gear. I can honestly say most women’s protective gear comes with pretty basic formats & colors. You have your white, pink, black, the occasional purple, and red. But Speed & Strengths Brand New 2013 Moto-Lisa Jacket and Vest have really stepped outside the box with this one. It defines a certain elegance that a female rider is looking for in order to be differentiated from the typical male rider.

Speed and Strength
It is embroidered on the front and back of the jacket with its own very unique design, and has elegantly designed buckles on both sides of the Jacket. The AR-600 Frame with Leather trim is Water resistant. All the armor in the jacket is easily removed with Velcro enclosures for easy cleaning of the jacket when necessary. The C.E. approved Spine protector is also removable as well. The Jacket has a fully sleeved liner which is removable as well to make the jacket cooler in hot temperatures so you can still be protected and keep cool at the same time as everyone knows in Florida the heat here is NO JOKE!
Also Ladies, believe it or not there is matching Moto-Lisa Jeans that you can also purchase to go with your Jacket which is also another feature on the Jacket it has belt loops for the attaching the pants to the jacket. The Collar & Cuffs are micro fiber lined for ideal comfort, and like any other motorcycle jacket it comes with reflective trim as an added safety feature for when your driving at night so that people will be able to visibly see you.
Now Introducing you to Speed & Strengths New Moto-Lisa Vest

Speed and Strength
I have to be honest when I originally purchased the product the first thing I thought was “Wow I Love the design, and the style of it!” It just really called out to me and I am the type of person that if I’m going to buy something I want to make sure I look real good in it. Which I’m sure is most women we always think first “Does this look appealing on me? Does it make me look attractive?” Well as I so stated about my Moto-Lisa Jacket I will say the same for the Vest it offers a superior elegance with the 3D embroidered art on the front and back of the vest with elegantly designed buckles for a female rider while still providing all the protection that your looking for.
Even though the vest is sleeveless and the features of the vest differ from the Jacket it still has its definite qualities. A negative for a very safe rider would obviously be the fact that your arms are not protected if you go down. But there is always other accessories that are offered so u can still have that protection if you feel you need it and want it.
Now as for the positive side the vest is made with a Soft Sheepskin Leather Frame which makes the vest very lightweight so you don’t feel weighed down at all. Also like the Jacket it has a C.E. approved Spine protector which is enclosed with Velcro and easily removed if needed.
The Vest also features perforated Leather panels for Awesome ventilation if I say so myself it is a full mesh liner on the inside of the vest. Finally for the nighttime female rider it does have reflective trim for easy visibility.
[dropcap]I [/dropcap]purchased both products; I am thoroughly happy with them and enjoy switching off between the two. So Ladies if you're looking for a great product and are looking for that touch of elegance as well I highly recommend Speed & Strengths 2013 Moto-Lisa Jacket & Vest.
By: Amiee Callahan
Retail Merchandiser at Central Florida Powersports & Fellow Rider

Amiee in the Moto Lisa Jacket and Vest

October 02, 2012


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Yamaha Introduces new 2013 FJR1300A Sport Tourer and refined 2013 FZ8 Sport Bike

Yamaha is excited to introduce the new Yamaha 2013 FJR1300A Supersport Tourer and the refined 2013 FZ8 Sport bike for the upcoming 2013 season!


The FJR1300A has long been known for its tremendous open road performance and sport touring capability and features one of the strongest power plants in the industry.

For 2013, the FJR1300A receives many significant changes including dramatically updated styling featuring an improved electronically adjustable windshield, integrated front turn signals, new instrumentation, new YCCT (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) system, traction control, Yamaha exclusive “D-mode”, cruise control, heated hand grips, and a host of other refinements guaranteed to propel this incredible machine to the front of the Sport Touring class.

The best selling FZ8 also receives a number of changes adding more adjustability to the front and rear suspension components as well as a styling change that will continue to broaden the appeal of the popular motorcycle.




More detailed information on these two new Yamaha motorcycles, including videos for the FJR1300A is located on the Yamaha website.

If are interested in more information about these two new models please call Central Florida PowerSports at 407-847-2453 or send an email to

September 24, 2012


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Pictures from Club BRP 2013 - Spyder Demo Area




New 15" Front Wheels

2013 Can-Am Spyder ST-S


2013 Can-Am Spyder ST-S
























September 24, 2012


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September 14, 2012

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BRP Sea-Doo to Exit the Sport Boat Business

I am sad to deliver this news.  Earlier today BRP announce that will no longer produce their Sport Boats.  For years Sea-Doo has made some the most exciting boats on the water.  I can remember being a teenager in the mid 1990's flying around the lakes of Arkansas in a fire breathing, twin-engines Sea-Doo Jet Boat.  Thank you  Sea-Doo for making such an amazing product that has brought a ton of pleasure and fun to so many people!  We will miss you.

I want all Central Florida PowerSports and West Coast PowerSports customers to know that we are committed to servicing your Sea-Doo Sport Boats/Jet Boats now and into the future.  BRP is hosting an all-dealer conference call today at 4PM.  I will update this post if there is more information.


Jason Ennis, GM

Central Florida PowerSports


Letter from BRP:

[quote]Valcourt, September 14, 2012 Dear friends, ® Earlier today, we announced our decision not to resume production of Sea-Doo sport boats for the upcoming model year and take steps to exit that business over the next coming months. At BRP, we manage a diversified product portfolio and our sport boat line-up accounts for a small share of our total sales. This decision will allow us to focus our efforts on products with greater growth potential, which is in the best long-term interests of the company and our network. With the recent downturn in the marine industry, we cannot foresee growth potential in the sport boat business, making it difficult to justify any additional investment. After careful consideration, we concluded that it was better for us to exit the business. This was a very difficult decision, especially given the impact on our employees in Benton (Illinois) and Palm Bay (Florida), the impact on a select group of dealers and distributors, and considering the efforts we made as a company creating the sport boat business. Sincerely, José Boisjoli President and CEO [/quote]




July 17, 2012


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New Sea-Doo Boats “How To” Video Series


BRP has produced a series of basic instructional videos to help new Sea-Doo boat owners understand how to get the most out of their new boat and its many innovative features exclusive to Sea-Doo boats. The videos cover the many elements Sea‑Doo boat owners should know before their first outing, such as control locations,
iTC (intelligent Throttle Control) function activation, proper use of features, situational procedures, and more.

The Sea-Doo Boat “How To” video series will be available for owner and dealer viewing online in the Sea-Doo “Owner Zone” on as well as on the Sea-Doo Youtube channel:


These videos offer a complement to the Operator’s Guide. The videos walk the viewer through specific Sea-Doo boat topics with easy-to-follow instructions and visuals. Sea-Doo boat models covered are the 150 Speedster, the Challenger family, SP and WAKE.

The Sea-Doo Boats “How To” video series is a must-use tool to enhance customers’ overall understanding of our product and ultimately, their satisfaction.

July 11, 2012


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BRP improves the Required Maintenance of Can-Am Spyder

BRP is listening to their customer-base and making routine maintenance easier and more affordable for Can-Am Spyder Owners. Since 2008 we have shared with BRP that the service requirements of the Spyder is more demanding that other motorcycles. It also takes longer for our Service Department to do the repairs because the body panels have to be removed to access the engine. Fortunately, they have improved this with new panels that make oil changes faster. Central Florida PowerSports will be adjusting our rates and passing the savings on to the customer. As a bonus the new style oil filters will extend the distance between oil changes and valve inspections.

We have the new oil filters in-stock and will have the new side panels any day. Contact our Service Department to schedule your appointment to get the updated components.

Call 407–847–2453 or email

Download updated Maintenance Schedule here.

From BRP:

“As we are all aware, it is common for Can-Am Roadster Spyder owners to cumulate lots of mileage in a riding season. Consequently in an effort to satisfy customer demands to reduce maintenance cost and frequency, BRP is pleased to introduce a new optimized maintenance schedule.”

“The revised schedule allows extended intervals between some operations; such as oil changes, valve adjustment and spark plug replacement. To achieve this improvement, BRP has developed new oil filters with a higher filtration capacity. Our extensive testing and analysis demonstrated that using the new engine and HCM BRP filters the oil changes intervals can now be increased from 5 000 km (3,000 mi) to 7 500 km (4,600 mi) without affecting in any way the engine/transmission reliability and durability.”

“Also, several inspections on high mileage engines at our test facility and in the network do confirm that the valve train adjustment intervals can be increased to 22 500 km (14,000 mi) and eliminate the inspection at 10 000 km (6,000 mi).”

June 30, 2012


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Suzuki Introduces 2013 Motocross Lineup


New RM-Z Models Feature Engine & Transmission Upgrades, Chassis Updates and New Suspension

BREA, Calif. June 28, 2012 – Suzuki is pleased to announce the introduction of the new RM-Z450, RM-Z250,

RM85 and RM85L motocross models to the 2013 lineup. These class-leading motorcycles feature advanced

technology developed through the success of Suzuki’s motocross racing teams, which have won numerous

championships and countless wins in Outdoor Nationals, Supercross, GNCC off-road and World MX1 series.

“The RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 are the most successful fuel-injected motocross models ever made,” said Suzuki

Senior Communications Manager Steve Bortolamedi, “The 2013 motocross lineup features new technology

designed to dominate on the track and continue the tradition of race-winning performance that is at the core of

all Suzuki products. Our commitment to developing these models with innovative technology and race-proven

performance is why Champions Choose Suzuki.”

The RM-Z250 features a redesigned chassis and suspension, including the all-new Showa Separate Function

front Forks (SFF), which separates the spring and damping functions. The right leg holds the spring, while the left

leg incorporates the cartridge assembly to manage damping. With reduced friction, increased absorption

performance and lighter weight, the Showa SFF provides remarkably smooth performance over a variety of

tracks. The Showa SFF also offers fully adjustable spring preload. The 2013 RM-Z250 engine is also more potent

than ever thanks to revisions made to the piston, connecting rod and piston pin, as well as updated intake and

exhaust cams. The result is improved mid-range torque and acceleration, which lets riders accelerate harder out

of turns and power by the competition on the straights. Additionally, the RM-Z250 is equipped with a new 5-

speed transmission with revised gears and shift cam for smooth, precise shifting and a revised clutch release

cam shape for improved clutch feel. New Dunlop MX-51 tires complete the RM-Z250’s total motocross package,

delivering increased traction over a wider variety of terrain.

For 2013, the RM-Z450 is also redesigned to give riders an even greater edge. Its powerful, four-stroke liquid-

cooled four-valve engine features updates including a new lighter piston, revised piston pin and connecting rod

as well as a new intake cam – together, all of these updates help provide stronger mid-range torque and crisper

throttle response. Complementing the engine improvements is a transmission update featuring revised gear


, 3, 4, 5 gears, along with a new shift cam to help deliver smoother and more precise shifts. The

shapes to 2

RM-Z450 also comes with the all-new Showa Separate Function front Forks (SFF), which separates the spring

and damping functions, and features fully adjustable spring preload. This makes the RM-Z450 the only

production 450-class motocross bike with this innovative fork design. The new front suspension works with an

updated twin-spar aluminum frame to further optimize the balance between rigidity and high-speed traction.

This provides riders with incredibly precise handling and smooth performance on the toughest of tracks.

Both RM-Z models include two electrical couplers (one rich and one lean coupler) that quickly allow the rider to

adjust the fuel setting to suit track conditions. Fuel settings can easily be changed to best suit the riding

conditions by just connecting either coupler, all without using tools. A brand new option for 2013 – riders can

now easily track engine-operating time and better manage maintenance intervals using Suzuki’s optional FI

indicator light (Part no. 36380-28H00).

The 2013 RM85 and RM85L carry on the powerful tradition of racing excellence in the Suzuki RM and RM-Z

family. Their robust two-stroke engines produce smooth power at any RPM, with an emphasis on low- to mid-

range performance. Like all Suzuki motocross bikes, the RM85 and RM85L deliver class-leading handling

performance, appreciated by both amateur racers and future champions. With its smooth power delivery, loads

of mid-range and lightweight handling, the 2013 RM85 and RM85L are perfect motocross bikes for riders of all

skill levels.

For more information about the 2013 Suzuki motocross line, please visit

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