2018 Honda Metropolitan

Destination Fee: $150

Often it seems we live in a virtual world, where everything is just a mouse click or an app away. Still, sometimes you need to get analog self from one place to another, like school, work, the café or a friend’s house. And that’s where the Honda Metropolitan comes in. In a point-and-click world, you just point it where you want to go, click on your helmet, and before you know it you’re there—with no worries about traffic congestion, parking hassles, and high fuel prices. Plus, you’ll have a blast just getting around.

In fact, the worse traffic gets, the more the Metropolitan makes sense. Sure, it looks cute, but underneath that curvy bodywork, it’s pure Honda. With a liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, it offers the kind of reliability no other scooter in the class can touch. Ease of use? You get a no-shift automatic transmission—just turn the key. Press a button for the electric starter, and you’re on your way. Practical? Check out the lockable underseat storage space, perfect for grocery runs. But the real genius behind a Metropolitan isn’t the way it solves so many of your transportation problems. It’s how much you’re just going to love riding it.

  • Engine Type
    49cc single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Induction
    PGM-FI with automatic enrichment
  • Ignition
    Full Transistorized Ignition
  • Transmission
    Automatic V-Matic belt drive
  • Front Suspension
    Telescopic; 2.7 inches travel
  • Rear Suspension
    Single shock; 2.3 inches travel
  • Front Brake
  • Rear Brake
  • Front Tire
  • Rear Tire
  • Wheelbase
    46.5 inches
  • Seat Height
    28.3 inches
  • Curb Weight
    179 lbs (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel, ready to ride)
  • Fuel Capacity
    1.2 gallons
  • Miles Per Gallon
    117 MPG

Prices exclude dealer setup, taxes, title, freight and licensing and are subject to change.

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