May 28, 2012

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Day 2 - Rocky Mountain Campout

Saturday morning - May 27, 2012 @ 10:30AM

Location: Batesville, AR
Elevation: 300 ft
Temp: Hot - 90ish
Planned Miles: not sure?

Today was one of those epic days on a motorcycle that you often try to recreate but can never find the same magical ingrediates all at the same time or in the same place. The rodes from Batesville to Fayetteville were great but it was the special mix of people that made today standout.

Too be continued... it is late, 11:35 in Tulsa. I will be back to finish this post.

Here are some pictures to hold you over. :)

Check out my SPOT page if you want to track our progress in real time.
Jason's SPOT Page









May 27, 2012


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Day 1 - Rocky Mountain Campout

Saturday morning - May 26, 2012 @ 7:15AM

Suches, GA

Elevation: 3000 ft

Temp: 77

Planned Miles: 610

Our small group converged at Dan's cabin in the N Georgia mountains last night. Lane arrived via KLR from Pensacola and Joe from Winston

-Salem on his 990. I arrived around 9pm after clearing out the last Walmart before Suches of all their freeze dried camping food and granola bars. It was a typical night before liftoff with Dan busy with his preflight wiring of his "farkles"... XM radio, scala rider Bluetooth headset, heated gear, cell charger, and radar detector, electric shaver.... you get the picture. I don't think an ADV bike could have any more tech goodies ziptied to the bars. :-)

The view from the cabin is spectacular. I can't wait to hit the road.....

Well we made it to Batesville! Man, what a great day. Staying up until 1:30 took a toll on the group today. We were all dragging a little but the adreneline kicked in as soon as the kickstands went up.


  1. Some of the best twisty roads in the country for the first 20 miles leaving Suches.
  2. Dan treated us to a nice dirt road around mile 25. It was cool to put the Super Tenere in the dirt for the first time with the new K60 dualsport tires. The bike did great. She is built for this type of terrain.
  3. We let the Garmin guide us towards Selmer where we will pickup Dad. I turned on the feature to avoid Interstates and we were treated to some awesome flowing ribbons of ashphalt south of Chatanooga. I believe it was 41S.?.
  4. Dad was waiting for us at the Mickey D's with a surprise. My step brother, Boo Ennis, and half sister, Rylee Ennis road up to meet us on a beautiful Road King. It was great to see them but a little too short.
  5. Dad was making the Intruder rock. When we left Selmer we planned to get gas in apx. 100 miles. I thought to myself, "I hope we don't have to get gas in Memphis". Guess where we got gas? Right smack in Da Hood. We didn't get any warm fuzzies from the locals.
  6. I got to see the Intruder get a airborne over an unexpected kicker on I-40. Dad is a great rider so it didn't do anything but get some fist pumps and thumbs up from the group.
  7. We were swarmed with small flying insects as we headed into Newport. They were so think it made the headlights dim and the faceshield nearly blacked out.
  8. We had dinner at one of my old favorites - US Pizza in Newport, AR.
It's now midnight CST. Off to conquer the Ozark Mountains tomorrow morning!

Total Miles: 610
Total Spyder Spottings: 2





May 23, 2012


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T-Minus 2 Days - Rocky Mountain Campout (RMCO) - 2012

The excitement is really building.  Over the last 2 days we have added a few special guest that will join us as we travel through the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.  My Dad will hook up with us as we pass through Tennessee.  He will be riding - and I'm sure pushing the limits of - a Suzuki VS800 Intruder/Boulevard.

Our first night's lodging is booked for the Holiday Inn Express in Batesville, AR.  We wanted to stay in Mtn. View, AR to take in the great atmosphere of the Folk Music Capital of the World but the Memorial Day weekend meant EVERY room in the little town is booked.  Batesville will work well because it is only 45 minutes for Mtn. View and the start of the epic roads of North Arkansas.  I lived in Batesville from 1995-1999 attending Lyon College.  I feel bad that we will be "blowing" through there without taking anytime to visit the campus and old friends.  Sorry guys...

I am also stoked about this leg of the trip because some very good family friends from Hot Springs, Arkansas will be joining us.  Van and Carls plus their son Wes will meet us in Batesville on their BMW's.  I still have some final packing to do but thought some of you might find it interesting to see what I have planned to pack on the bike.  My goal for this trip was to pack as light as possible - easier said than done for an 11 day motorcycle camping trip.

Please give me your feedback if you feel I missed anything.  I would love to have comments on the blog.  Take Care. Jason

[caption id="attachment_263" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Saddle Bag and Tail Bag Items"]Saddle Bag and Tail Bag Items[/caption]

Tank Bag


iPod / iPod Charger

USB 12v Adapter

Earphones (2 pair)




Leatherman Multi-Tool

Lens Cleaner / Small MicroFiber




iPad Charger/Cable

Zagg iPad Keyboard Case

iPad SD Card Reader

iPhone /Charger

12v USB Adapter

Scala Charger

Garmin Zumo

Panasonic Camera Lumix TS3 / Charger

Small Tripod


Scala Rider G2 Bluetooth Headset


Riding Gear

First Gear Ranier Jacket & Liner

MSR Xscape Enduro Pants

Alpinestar Supermoto Gloves

Aerostich Triple-Digit Rain Gloves

Gaerne SG10 MX Boots

First Gear Heated Jacket Liner

First Gear Heated Gloves

MSR MX Gloves

Neck gator

Fox Knee and Shin guards




Waterproof Matches

First-aid kit


Insect Repellant


Spare AAA batteries



Convertible Hiking Pants

LD (Long Distance Comfort) Longs

LD (Long Distance Comfort) Shorts

REI Mid-Weight PolyPro Long Johns

2 Pair Riding Tec Socks

1 Pair Running Tec Socks

Running Shoes

Running Shorts

2 Wicking T-Shirts

1 Wicking Long Sleeve



Doc Kit

Tooth Brush / Paste









Twisted Throttle DrySpec D38 Dry Bag

REI Quarter Dome T2 Plus Tent

Monarch Butterfly Camp Chair

Thermarest Camp Pillow

REI Tent Ground Cover

MSR Ground Hog Tent Stakes

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes Grouse Sleeping Bag +15

Jetboil Flash Cooking Stove

Jetboil extra fuel

Jetboil Utensils

Nigene Water Bottle

Stainless Camp Cup

Hiking towel

Pac Soap / Woolite

Water Purification Tablets

Vented Nylon Bag for drying clothes

Wet Wipes / Toilet Paper

Starbucks Via

Cream / Splenda

Freeze Dried Food

Gallon zip lock bags


U-Digg Shovel

Small soft-side cooler?

Platypus 1L soft bottle



Tools / Parts

Tool Wrap

Slime Motorcycle Air Compressor

Small Bicycle Pump

Cruz Tool Multi-Tool (Allens, 10-14 sockets)

Bike Master T-Handle

Motion Pro Tire Irons with Axle Spanner

Tire Gauge

10 Large Zip Ties

10 Small Zip Ties

Tubeless Repair Kit

Quick Steel

Tow Rope

Oil filter wrench?

Needle nose vise grips

Safety wire


Side cutters

Hacksaw blade

Small crescent

10/12/14/17mm end wrenches

Extra Key attached to bike

Valve core remover

Golf Pencil

Electrical Tape

Extra Tubeless Valve stem


Electrical Tape




Extra wire

Fuel line



Change Oil and Filter

Install New Tires

Install Running Lights

Check All Bolts

Waterproof Boots

Waterproof Pants




May 20, 2012


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T-Minus 5 Days - Last Big Bike Prep

Today was a good day. I spend the majority of it in the garage getting last big items done to the Super Tenere. I almost bit off more than I could chew.

The first item on the list was to change the oil and filter and upgrade to Amsoil Full Synthetic. All was going smooth until I lost one of the crush washers on the #2 drain bolt. No big deal, nothing a run down to the closest auto parts store and pick one up. (Sorry, Central Florida PowerSports (CFPS) was closed today) It seemed like a good idea to keep the maintence flow going before running the errand.

I proceded to wash the bike because this will be the last time she will by shiny for a while. In the back of my mind I knew I forgot to do something. After the initial rinse, I came around to the right side of the engine with my sponge and discovered the "missing item". Yep, I forgot to put the oil fill plug back in. I asked myself "how much water good have gotten in there?" I knew even a little was too much. So I know needed to pickup some extra oil to flush the engine before feeding it the Amsoil.

After the oil-water debacle I changed the drive shaft fluid. I learned from my previous mistake and made sure all the bolts were in there proper location before moving on.

The next project took up most of the day. Because I'm 6'1" (use to be 6'2", still can't figure where the extra inch went a few years ago...) I installed Rox 2" bar risers. It makes the standing position much better for the off-road sections. I don't have to bend over as much and can stay in the "attack" position for long periods. The problem is when I moved the bars up the Hydraulic brake and clutch lines became way to tight. In fact, with the bars locked full-left the front brake would actually engage. Not good. To solve the problem I purchase some extended lines from

The lines are beautiful but the install was ugly. I previously attempted the install but rounded the nut on the super-tight brake hose coupler. Thanks to a speedy order from the CFPS Parts Department I had a brand spanking new ABS brake line that included the fresh, un-rounded, coupler. The challenge was getting to the parts. Remove the bags, remove the tank, remove the air box, remove the seat, Remove the right fairing, remove the electrical panel from the get the picture.
[caption id="attachment_242" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="2012 Yamaha Super Tenere Opened up for new Brake and Clutch Lines"]2012 Yamaha Super Tenere Opened up for new Brake and Clutch Lines[/caption]

After several hours and a few crossed fingers, the Super T is all buttoned up with fresh fluids, sans the H20, and new stainless extended lines. It's now time to start packing. JE

May 16, 2012

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Preparations for Rocky Mountain Campout

We are seven days from departure date. The bike prep is going well and I'm focused on Tying up loose ends and making sure my pack list is complete.

This is the first time I have documented a trip or done public writing. Bare with me ask am using the iPad and my spelling isn't the best even with a spell checker, which this app does not seem to have.

Photo of bike this morning.


April 29, 2012


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Introduction to Jason Ennis, General Manager - Central Florida PowerSports

This is the first post to what I hope will be a great blog that will help other motorcyclist.

About Me
My earliest memory of motorcycles was around the ripe old age of two. My Dad had a garage full of bikes but I best remember the Yamaha XT500. It looked a lot like this one.

Once I was strong enough to grip the crossbar, Dad would put me in front of him on the gas tank and I would ride with up and down road.  Dad had a knack for riding wheelies and I remember requesting them often. I don't think my Mom and Grandmother were nearly as impressed. No harm, no foul.

1976 Yamaha TT500 Ad

My Dad's 1976 TT500

On my third Christmas I remember sJason's first motorcycle - Suzuki JR50 - at age 4neaking into the living room before the rest of the house woke up. Beside the Chrismas Tree was a small blanket covering an odd-shaped object. As I moved in for a closer inspection I saw a little piece of yellow plastic poking out.  A yellow dirt bike fender! I couldn't keep my excitement contained - Mom and Dadwere drawn out of bed by an super-pumped toddler who just found his first real motorcycle! As I think back on my childhood most of the memories I have are related to motorcycles. I caught the 2-wheeled bug very early.

Jason Ennis' Suzuki JR50

Jason's first motorcycle - Suzuki JR50 - at age 4


Today I am very lucky to work in the industry I love. I wake up everyday looking forward to the fun I will have being around motorcycles and the great people who ride them. I am thankful to have such a great team of enthusiast who work along side me at Central Florida PowerSports. We all share the same passion for powersports and work everyday to bring this enthusiasm to our many great customers.

I hope to see you on the trail or road soon.

Ride On,

Jason Ennis