BRP improves the Required Maintenance of Can-Am Spyder

July 11, 2012

BRP is listening to their customer-base and making routine maintenance easier and more affordable for Can-Am Spyder Owners. Since 2008 we have shared with BRP that the service requirements of the Spyder is more demanding that other motorcycles. It also takes longer for our Service Department to do the repairs because the body panels have to be removed to access the engine. Fortunately, they have improved this with new panels that make oil changes faster. Central Florida PowerSports will be adjusting our rates and passing the savings on to the customer. As a bonus the new style oil filters will extend the distance between oil changes and valve inspections.

We have the new oil filters in-stock and will have the new side panels any day. Contact our Service Department to schedule your appointment to get the updated components.

Call 407–847–2453 or email

Download updated Maintenance Schedule here.

From BRP:

“As we are all aware, it is common for Can-Am Roadster Spyder owners to cumulate lots of mileage in a riding season. Consequently in an effort to satisfy customer demands to reduce maintenance cost and frequency, BRP is pleased to introduce a new optimized maintenance schedule.”

“The revised schedule allows extended intervals between some operations; such as oil changes, valve adjustment and spark plug replacement. To achieve this improvement, BRP has developed new oil filters with a higher filtration capacity. Our extensive testing and analysis demonstrated that using the new engine and HCM BRP filters the oil changes intervals can now be increased from 5 000 km (3,000 mi) to 7 500 km (4,600 mi) without affecting in any way the engine/transmission reliability and durability.”

“Also, several inspections on high mileage engines at our test facility and in the network do confirm that the valve train adjustment intervals can be increased to 22 500 km (14,000 mi) and eliminate the inspection at 10 000 km (6,000 mi).”

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