Moto-Lisa Jacket and Vest

November 09, 2012

Moto-Lisa Textile Leather Jacket & Vest

Fellow Lady Riders! Lets talk about the new 2013 Speed & Strength Line for Women’s protective gear. I can honestly say most women’s protective gear comes with pretty basic formats & colors. You have your white, pink, black, the occasional purple, and red. But Speed & Strengths Brand New 2013 Moto-Lisa Jacket and Vest have really stepped outside the box with this one. It defines a certain elegance that a female rider is looking for in order to be differentiated from the typical male rider.

Speed and Strength
It is embroidered on the front and back of the jacket with its own very unique design, and has elegantly designed buckles on both sides of the Jacket. The AR-600 Frame with Leather trim is Water resistant. All the armor in the jacket is easily removed with Velcro enclosures for easy cleaning of the jacket when necessary. The C.E. approved Spine protector is also removable as well. The Jacket has a fully sleeved liner which is removable as well to make the jacket cooler in hot temperatures so you can still be protected and keep cool at the same time as everyone knows in Florida the heat here is NO JOKE!
Also Ladies, believe it or not there is matching Moto-Lisa Jeans that you can also purchase to go with your Jacket which is also another feature on the Jacket it has belt loops for the attaching the pants to the jacket. The Collar & Cuffs are micro fiber lined for ideal comfort, and like any other motorcycle jacket it comes with reflective trim as an added safety feature for when your driving at night so that people will be able to visibly see you.
Now Introducing you to Speed & Strengths New Moto-Lisa Vest

Speed and Strength
I have to be honest when I originally purchased the product the first thing I thought was “Wow I Love the design, and the style of it!” It just really called out to me and I am the type of person that if I’m going to buy something I want to make sure I look real good in it. Which I’m sure is most women we always think first “Does this look appealing on me? Does it make me look attractive?” Well as I so stated about my Moto-Lisa Jacket I will say the same for the Vest it offers a superior elegance with the 3D embroidered art on the front and back of the vest with elegantly designed buckles for a female rider while still providing all the protection that your looking for.
Even though the vest is sleeveless and the features of the vest differ from the Jacket it still has its definite qualities. A negative for a very safe rider would obviously be the fact that your arms are not protected if you go down. But there is always other accessories that are offered so u can still have that protection if you feel you need it and want it.
Now as for the positive side the vest is made with a Soft Sheepskin Leather Frame which makes the vest very lightweight so you don’t feel weighed down at all. Also like the Jacket it has a C.E. approved Spine protector which is enclosed with Velcro and easily removed if needed.
The Vest also features perforated Leather panels for Awesome ventilation if I say so myself it is a full mesh liner on the inside of the vest. Finally for the nighttime female rider it does have reflective trim for easy visibility.
[dropcap]I [/dropcap]purchased both products; I am thoroughly happy with them and enjoy switching off between the two. So Ladies if you're looking for a great product and are looking for that touch of elegance as well I highly recommend Speed & Strengths 2013 Moto-Lisa Jacket & Vest.
By: Amiee Callahan
Retail Merchandiser at Central Florida Powersports & Fellow Rider

Amiee in the Moto Lisa Jacket and Vest

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