Jennings Track Day

November 28, 2012

Jennings GP Track Day “Something for Everyone”

Ever thought about doing a track day? Taking your everyday ride to a place you can open it up without the limitations of driving on the street. I had that experience just recently and wanted to share it with anyone who has the desire but was held back by the fear of not knowing what the experience might be like.

I took my brand new Honda CB1000R to Jennings GP in Jennings, Florida. To go find out what it was like to put it on the track. I was apprehensive at first getting out on the track with other novice riders but made the first lap and settled in quickly. They have 3 classes, novice, intermediate, and expert. I thought being new to the experience even the novice level would be too much. Turns out, novice was nothing to be intimidated about. The other riders on the track were all at different skill levels even within this class. I rode very cautiously but as the laps went by I gained more confidence, pushing my Honda to go faster and faster! Because every rider on the track is on the throttle and moving in the same direction you can go faster and still maintain safety.

So what do you need to put your bike on the track? I had decided to prep my CB1000R so that in the outside chance I went down there wouldn’t be damage to expensive components. I pulled my gauge cluster, taped up my plastic lenses and your oil drain plug must be safety wired. Other than that the bike was good to go. My stock Bridgstone  Battlax tires were more than adequate for the super sticky surface we were to ride on. You are required to wear a Snell full face helmet, full race leathers, gloves and footwear. These items can be rented as well as racing bikes ready to go. The cost of a bike rental is $200.00 day which gets you a bike, fuel and tires. The cost of the track use for the day is $200.00 which gets you 6 to 7 twenty minute sessions.

Looking back now and reflecting on the experience I can honestly recommend it to anyone of every skill level. It is truly is the safest place to experience the true potential of your bike!

Jonnathan Fabre

Central Florida Powersports

“Product Specialist”

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