The redesigned 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT with 1330cc Triple Cylinder Engine

June 21, 2014

The new redesigned 2014 Can-am Spyder RT SE6/SM6 has finally arrived and the Spyder community is all a buzz! Since 2008 Spyder owners have been giving their feedback on the Can-Am Spyder both the strong points and the weak. Well, BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) was listening.

The 2014 Spyder RT has been equipped with a brand new power plant, the 1330 ACE engine. This engine was designed from the ground up to bring higher torque and a smoother ride along with improved fuel economy. Its 6-speed transmission means lower RPMs and smoother shifting.  The clutch now engages at around 2,000 RPMs, down from the previous 3,500 RPMs. With 115 horse power and 96 foot pounds of torque highway passing is a breeze. You really feel the increase in power and torque as soon as you twist the throttle. Plus they opened up the front fascia and gave the 2014 a more aggressive style to go along with that increase in torque.

Along with the increased power, BRP has also increased the fuel efficiency. ECO mode has been introduced to the Spyder RT to optimize shifting behavior and increase fuel economy. And with a larger fuel capacity, riders can enjoy more time on the road and less time at the fuel pump.

Handling was another area of improvement this year. The RT has been equipped with SACHS shocks all around. These shocks have a better damping capacity thanks to the larger piston diameter.  The ride is smoother when cruising through town, steadier on the highway, and tighter in the corners.

Over the years one thing I’ve seen a big increase in has been the accessories that are available for the Can-Am Spyders. From LED lights to Dongles. BRP has noticed it too, so they vastly improved the charging output by ditching the stator and equipping the 2014 RT with a 1200 watt alternator to power those lights, navigation systems, CB radios, Bluetooth systems and cell phone chargers.

When the Spyders hit the American market in 2008 the Spyder riders in Florida had plenty to say about heat. I don’t think the Canadian designed Spyder was created with the 98 degree 100% humidity summer days on Main Street at Bike Week in mind. However, this year you can tackle Main Street without worrying about roasting your chestnuts on an open fire. BRP took the radiator and moved it forward, then they added a second radiator for increased cooling capacity. Finally, BRP designed the fans on the radiator to push the hot air away from the driver at low speeds. Now more hot air blowing on your toes and shins. As for the Canadian riders, no worries, the 2014 has an optional heated comfort seat to go along with those heated grips.

So, you see all of the awesome improvements the 2014 RT has and you’ve gone to test ride it at the dealership. You love that smooth ride and improved handling. The problem is you are still paying off that 2013 RT and would lose some cash if you traded it in. I would like to point out some things from the service side that you may want to consider before making up your mind.


Besides all of the improvements to the vehicle, the new engine was also designed with the consumer’s wallet in mind. The new maintenance schedule will save owners of 2014 RT’s a substantial amount in maintenance costs compared to the prior model year RT’s. If following the recommended maintenance schedule for 28,000 miles the cost of servicing a 2013 RT is roughly $5200 while the new 2014 RT would cost only $1800. That’s already a savings of $3400! On top of that, the 1330 ACE engine (Advanced Combustion Effeiciency) is more efficient than the previous V-twin engine. Save on services and save on fuel!


-Chris Bronson

Service Manager

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