Riding Lessons While I Search For Curvy Roads

December 08, 2017

I was out and about on my day off and decided to take my motorcycle farther north in search of some curvy roads. Now, I loves me some curvy roads and, in Florida, you've got to ride north of Kissimmee to find any elevation. My better half and I ride Yamaha FZ07s.  His is white and mine is black (I call her Black Beauty). I've test ridden many bikes before I decided on the FZ07.  I really liked the Ninja 650 and test rode it twice in Daytona during consecutive bike weeks. Later that spring, my boyfriend brought home his FZ07. Talk about love at first sight! When a black FZ07 showed up at CFPS, I immediately put a deposit on it so it would be built just for me.  How cool is that? My first sportbike was delivered in the crate and I was its first rider!

Anyway, back to the curvy road search. One of our favorite curvy areas for riding street bikes is near the Clermont, Groveland, and Mascotte area. When in Clermont, we always try to stop at the Tiki Bar and Grill on Lake Minneola. The food is always good and we love the fantastic lake views, especially near sunset. It is the perfect location for sunsets! Food never goes to waste because if you can't finish your tater tots or fries, the catfish swimming next to the lakeside patio will finish them for you; now that's something to watch! In the hot summer months, you can always take a dip in the lake to cool off. 

Just be sure to use caution when pulling into the parking area on a motorcycle. The lot is a mix of sand and small gravel and sportbike tires don't offer much traction!  That's where I went down for the first time. I turned my front wheel a little too sharp when parking and down I went. Thank goodness I attended a valuable demonstration of the "Bike Lift Technique" at the Daytona Speedway during bike week.

Remember, when riding your street bike on dirt roads, to keep your wheels as straight as possible without upsetting the suspension and avoid hard leans.

Happy riding on those curvy roads!  I am still learning that it's all about keeping your momentum vs. speed during the lean!

Written By Lynnja 5'2"

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