What Sets Team #CFPS Apart?

November 27, 2017

There are TONS of places you can choose to go to for your powersports needs. So the question is, why do so many people choose Central Florida Powersports as their favorite powersports destination?

If you ask any of our customers, you'll get a large variety of answers. Here are some of the most popular reasons (Don't believe us? Come hang out in our parking lot and ask any Team #CFPS customer!):

  1. We're family.
    We really do consider our customers to be part of our extended family. We don't just call you "Team #CFPS" for marketing purposes or because it sounds cool.
  2. We act like family.
    It's one thing to say we're family... but we actually mean it. That's why we try so hard to have lots of free events during the year (complete with free food!) so we can all get together and get to know you... and you don't even have to buy anything!
  3. We're honest. Honest.
    Of course, we don't expect you to take our word for it. Just ask our customers. Search for feedback online. Test us out. You'll see that we actually run our business with a good ol' fashioned set of values that would make your grandpa proud.
  4. We go the extra mile. Or ten. Whatever is necessary.
    Listen. We don't want anyone being unhappy. After all, you're family (see reason #1). Because we're family, well, we want you to be happy (see reason #2). So if there's something wrong, we'll fix it. If you have a problem, we'll try our hardest to provide you a solution.
  5. We have the best prices and service... and our vendors agree!
    Of course, we can't give everything away for free or even our cost. How would we keep the lights on? But we are just like you... we know how important it is to save and how hard it is to come by the dollars you're saving. So our goal is to make enough to keep our lights on, while helping you save as much as possible. We also pride ourselves in provide some of the best certified service in the industry. Oh, and obviously, customer service is priority one. Because of our attitude and results, we often get awarded some of the highest accolades our vendors offer in the industry. We're mighty proud of all that... but your smiles and visits back make us even prouder.

We sincerely hope that you feel the way we do about Team #CFPS and that your experiences with us have always been great. In fact, we would sure love it if you'd send us a message (email, Facebook, or even in the mail!) and tell us what makes Team #CFPS special to you. If you haven't joined our family yet, we hope that you'll come over and hang out with us. Sooner or later, we think you'll decide that you're home.


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