2018 Honda Gold Wing - The Ultimate Performance Touring Machine

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The Ultimate Performance Touring Machine

The 2018 Honda Gold Wing has finally arrived in Kissimmee, FL. Central Florida PowerSports, your Honda motorcycle dealer, is excited to offer the entire line.

Central Florida PowerSports is proud to announce the 2018 Honda Gold Wing. We have the whole line in stock and ready for your test drive! As we have quickly found out, this ultimate touring motorcycle will NOT disappoint! If you're in the Kissimmee, Orlando, and Daytona Beach area, come on in and check it out.

This is a bike 43 years in the making. Rebuilt from the road up. Refined inside and out. Ready for anything. There’s a new engine. New front suspension. Available 7-speed DCT. All in a more agile body that’s over 85 pounds lighter. You’ll also find the latest in technology, including Apple CarPlay integration, and five distinct trim levels to suit your style. The 2018 Gold Wing is designed to push the limits of what a touring bike can be. And expand the adventure beyond anything imagined.

2018 Honda Gold Wing - Central Florida PowerSports - Kissimmee Dealer - Orlando, Daytona Beach Motorcycle Dealership - Bikes, ATVs, Side By Sides

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Gold Wing: What Lies Beyond

What lies over the horizon? Beyond our town, our state? Beyond the predictable, the expected? And what’s the best way to experience it? We ride motorcycles because they’re such engaging, active, personal vehicles. Travel the same roads in a car and on a bike, eat at the same restaurants, see the same sights, and then tell us which trip is the most memorable. Honda’s 2018 Gold Wing® is an all-new motorcycle this year, designed to put you more in touch with the essential experience of riding. Changing a bike as good and as refined as a Gold Wing isn’t something you undertake lightly. So we set out to improve the newest model in every category: Engineering. Handling. Technology. Comfort. Performance. The new Gold Wing is lighter, more powerful, more nimble, and more engaging. It’s a better motorcycle in every way. What lies beyond? Ride there and find out.

43 Years of Adventure

The first Gold Wing - the 1975 GL 1000 - was revolutionary, a motorcycle that offered superbike-level power, incredible smoothness, liquid cooling, shaft drive, and a host of technical innovation unmatched at the time in the motorcycling world. Riders across the globe recognized the genius in this machine, but especially riders who wanted to cover long distances. And so the Gold Wing became a touring icon. Over the years, we added bodywork, saddlebags, and increased the engine size. Now it's time to go back to our roots, to the kind of performance and handling that made those first Gold Wings such awesome bikes. Hang on and enjoy the ride!

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Introducing the New Gold Standards of Touring

The Honda Gold Wing is probably the best-known bike in all of motorcycling, a machine that single-handedly defines what a touring bike should be. But now it’s time to forget just about everything you thought you knew this bike was, because the new 2018 Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour are designed for the way we ride today. Maybe in high school or college you had a coach who taught you something called the athletic stance. Poised, balanced, feet spread about shoulder’s width apart, leaning forward slightly. It’s the way you stood on a basketball court, on a football field, or ready to rush the net on a tennis court. It’s the same with motorcycling. The new Gold Wing Tour and Gold Wing GOLD WING are designed to be more athletic, more engaging, to give you a greater sense of being one with your bike.

The difference between the two? The Gold Wing Tour has a taller windscreen, a trunk, and a full complement of touring-bike features. The Gold Wing is lighter, uses a shorter windscreen, and features no-nonsense blacked-out styling. Navigation is now a standard feature, and both the Gold Wing and the Gold Wing Tour also feature standard Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) as well. We think you’ll find that these are the best Gold Wings you’ve ever ridden. They’re also the most engaging and fulfilling to ride. And the more you ride them, the better they’re going to feel.

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At the Heart of Every Great Motorcycle Beats a Great Engine

More Than Meets the Eye

When it came time to design the new Gold Wing engine, we had four goals. Make it lighter. Make it more compact. Make it more powerful. And make it more fun to ride. Along the way, we also gave the new bikes a new exhaust system—once you hear it, you’ll know it was worth it. The bikes offer a level of performance that’s immediately noticeable too—part of that’s the engine’s power, part of it is because the new Gold Wings are lighter and accelerate harder, and part of it’s due to the compact center of mass compared to previous models.

The new 2018 Gold Wings still use a horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine, but that’s where all similarity ends. The new bikes feature a new bore and stroke, and a displacement punched out to 1833cc. Even more important, they’re the first Gold Wings to use four valves per cylinder, a design based off our high-performance Unicam® head design. The new engine also features aluminum cylinder sleeves and a shorter, stiffer crank. The engine is more compact front-to-back, and that lets you and your passenger move forward in the cockpit for more comfort, better handling, and a more connected feel with the bike’s steering. Other innovations include integrating the starter and alternator into one unit. The overall effect is groundbreaking: a Gold Wing that’s still a long-distance champion, but one that offers a degree of engaged, sporting performance that all motorcyclists live for.

Double Wishbone Front Suspension

One of the first things any rider will notice about the 2018 Gold Wings is the radical new double wishbone front suspension. Gone is the familiar telescopic fork, replaced with a strong, twin-leg structure, a pair of “A” arms and a single shock and spring. Why? The innovative, Honda-engineered design changes the path the wheel follows through the suspension’s travel, making it more of a vertical movement. That lets us move both the engine and the rider/passenger closer to the front wheel for improved handling.

Compact 4-Valve Engine

The new Gold Wing’s engine is all about athletic performance. The horizontally opposed six-cylinder design is still super smooth, except now it makes even more power. Plus, nothing can match it when it comes to a low center of gravity—a key to superior handling and parking-lot maneuverability.

Counter-Rotating Transmission

Mounting the Gold Wing’s transmission below the crankshaft, and spinning it opposite the crank’s rotation helps neutralize any engine torque reaction. Combining the alternator and starter into one integrated unit is one reason why the new Gold Wing’s engine is over 13 pounds lighter!

7-Speed Automatic DCT - The Best Sports Cars In the World Use Them. And Now the Best Bikes Do Too.

This is huge news for 2018. For the first time ever, both the Gold Wing and the Gold Wing Tour are available with a brand new 7-Speed Automatic DCT. If you’re not familiar with it, think of the paddle-shift gearboxes Formula 1 cars use.

DCT stands for Dual-Clutch Transmission. Inside, the transmission looks like a normal manual, with strong, efficient, constant-mesh steel gears. But there’s no shift lever and no clutch lever—all your shifting is controlled by buttons on the handlebar. Or you can let the DCT function fully automatically, and the bike will upshift and downshift effortlessly. The twin clutch packs, one for odd gears, one for even, makes shifting quick and seamless. The DCT has been a big hit on many Honda motorcycles, and our Africa Twin® has proven it’s tough enough for fully loaded off-road travel. But the 2018 Gold Wings have the best DCT we’ve ever offered, and the first with seven speeds. Even better, our DCT models offer a special low-speed “Walking” mode in addition to reverse. It’s a huge help when maneuvering into or out of parking spaces with a passenger on the back.

6-Speed Manual Transmission

We know plenty of Gold Wing riders still prefer a traditional manual transmission. Fear not — we have you covered. You can opt for a conventional gearbox on both the Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour models. But we’ve gone ahead and made it even better for 2018, by adding a sixth speed. Closing up the gearbox ratios makes it easier to pick the perfect gear for sportier riding, yet the overdrive sixth still serves up relaxed top-gear cruising.

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A hundred years ago, cars had hand-cranked engines, motorcycles had manual spark advances, and your telephone—if you had one—was a wooden box screwed to the wall. Who wants to go back to that? Technology is part of our lives today, and the smart motorcyclist embraces it. So do the new Gold Wings. They offer a suite of technologic/electronic features that make planning and riding easier, freeing you up to enjoy the parts of riding where you really want to pay attention. A large, bright seven-inch LCD/TFT display is front and center, giving you all the information you want.

Apple Carplay Integration

A first for the motorcycle industry! Apple CarPlay seamlessly integrates your iPhone into your new Gold Wing. That means you can use your iPhone to access Apple Maps, Apple Music and other services. You’ll have access to weather, playlists and telephone numbers while aboard. Available Bluetooth - enabled wireless headsets let you communicate easily. And best of all, with more apps available every day, Apple CarPlay keeps your bike’s technology on the cutting edge.

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Built For the Long Haul

Central Florida PowerSports - #1 Honda Motorcycle Dealership Central Florida - 2018 Honda Gold Wing Goldwing - Kissimmee, Orlando, Daytona Beach

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Before the 1980 Gold Wing Interstate, if you wanted a touring bike, you had to add a windscreen and fairing yourself. This year we’ve radically rethought the Gold Wing’s fairing and luggage. The bike still offers excellent wind- and weather protection for both rider and passenger, but it’s trimmer now, with a lower windscreen and more of the frame exposed. It’s narrower too, making it more fun to ride on twisty roads. The Gold Wing Tour comes with a standard travel trunk, while our second model removes the trunk, making the bike even lighter and more nimble. All the luggage opens remotely and features integral dampers.

  • FAIRING / The new Gold Wing’s fairing offers excellent wind and weather protection, yet is trimmer and more aerodynamic than our previous models. It also flows more air through new ducting, helping keep you cooler on hot summer days.
  • ELECTRIC WINDSCREEN / You’ll notice a couple of things about the new Gold Wing Tour’s windscreen. First,it’s electrically controlled, moving both up and down over a 4.9-inch range (4.1 inches for Gold Wing) as well as changing its angle as it raises and lowers. Plus, it automatically remembers the last setting.
  • LUGGAGE / All Gold Wings feature integrated saddlebags, designed to hold enough for most weekend trips. The bags open electrically with the push of a button, and lock and unlock remotely with the smart key. They’re hydraulically damped for smooth operation, too. (Shown with optional accessory luggage bags)
  • LED LIGHTING / All 2018 Gold Wing models feature a complete LED lighting package. All illumination is LED: the headlights, the tail lights, the turn indicators, and every bit of instrumentation.
  • SEATS / The seats use a new material that makes it easier to move around for both rider and passenger, and the front portion of the rider’s seat is narrower, making it easier to reach the ground. The rider can enjoy an optional backrest, and on our Gold Wing models without a trunk, there’s also an optional backrest for the passenger.
  • NANO-TECH PAINTS / Even the new Gold Wing’s paint is high tech, using BASF’s nano technology. The darks look darker, and the lights look brighter. The paint itself has a luxurious wet appearance.

Freedom of Choice

One style, one size, one color is never a great fit. That’s why we’re offering five distinct Gold Wing models for 2018, and six color options. Which new Gold Wing model is the right one for you?

2018 Honda Gold Wing - Central Florida PowerSports - Kissimmee Dealer - Orlando, Daytona Beach Motorcycle Dealership - Bikes, ATVs, Side By Sides
Central Florida PowerSports - 2018 Honda Goldwing - Kissimmee Dealership - New and Used Bikes - Daytona Beach, Disney, Orlando, St. Cloud

Gold Wing Specifications

  • ENGINE TYPE 1833cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder
  • BORE AND STROKE 73mm x 73mm
  • INDUCTION Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
  • IGNITION Computer-controlled digital with three-dimensional mapping
  • VALVE TRAIN SOHC Unicam; four valves per cylinder
  • FRONT SUSPENSION Double A-arm fork with single coil-over shock absorber; 4.3 inches of travel
  • REAR SUSPENSION Pro Arm® single-sided swingarm with Pro-Link® single shock; computer-controlled spring-preload adjustment with four presets; 4.1 inches of travel
  • LUGGAGE CAPACITY 110 liters (Gold Wing Tour) / 60 liters (Gold Wing)
  • WHEELBASE 66.7 inches
  • TIRE SIZE 130/70R-18 front; 200/55R-16 rear
  • SEAT HEIGHT 29.3 inches
  • FUEL CAPACITY 5.55 gallons

Gold Wing Accessories

Gold Wing owners are famous for adding individual touches to their motorcycles. And here’s some great news: Even though the 2018 Gold Wings are brand-new bikes, we already have a full line of accessories ready for you. Especially notable is the new available Trunk Add or Removal Kit.

Well? Are You Ready For Your New Gold Wing?

Come on in to Central Florida PowerSports to check out the full line of 2018 Honda Gold Wings. If you're not in love with the Gold Wing yet, trust us, you will be after test driving one of these. After all, it truly is the ultimate performance touring machine.

2018 Honda Gold Wing - Central Florida PowerSports - Kissimmee Dealer - Orlando, Daytona Beach Motorcycle Dealership - Bikes, ATVs, Side By Sides