Day 5 - Rocky Mountain Campout

June 01, 2012 1 Comment

Wednesday - May 30, 2012 @ 7:30AM

Location: Heron Lake State Park, NM
Elevation: ***
Temp: Cold - 32
Planned Miles: ??
Total Miles: 254

- We had lunch in Del Norte, Co at very cool little hippy cafe - Peace of Art Cafe & Organic Peddler. The proprietor, Kim and her husband were super nice.

- The Super T loves smooth dirt roads. It's eats them up like a fat kid eats cake. 80mph+ = no problem. The ABS linked brakes are magical is this environment. Grab a handful of front, it engages the rear and the bike squats down and sets up for corners like a champ. If you grab a little too much, the ABS kicks in and does it's job. I stopped even using the rear brake on it's own. The ABS is too sensitive when it's rear brake only. I also found that I like to run it in Touring mode with Traction Control off when blasting the gravel roads.

- The front compression is too stiff from the factory. I backed it off 7 clicks and the it worked much better over the rocks and washboard roads.

- We hit snow today. At the top of one pass their was only a small trail around the snow drift. I'm pretty sure their wasn't enough room for anything larger than an ATV.

- We did several passes including Stunner Pass, Alamosa Canyon, Boreas Pass, and Marshall Pass. We stopped at Tomichi Creek Trading Post for bike and people fuel for the night. The owner is a motorcyclist and had some cool decals that I put on the Super T.

- The sun was dropping fast and we needed to find a good camp spot. We topped Marshall Pass and there was a perfect spot. We didn't think too much about being at over 11,000 ft elevation. We were in for a VERY cold night. We cooked more freezed dried dinners and roasted marshmallows over our first campfire. Joe also rigged up a bear bag where stored all our food for the night. We got a good laugh when we realized we only made a nice piñata for the four-legged locals.










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Luis A Luzuriaga
Luis A Luzuriaga

June 01, 2012

Wow Jason…. Those pics are awesome. They remind me on a trip that I once took to S. America. I would love to ride through all those beautiful Mountains once again… Great food for the Brain…..Ride Out!!!!

PS The weather here today is terrible.. Rain..Rain…Rain Go away….

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