Day 7 - Rocky Mountain Campout

June 02, 2012 4 Comments

Friday - June 1, 2012 @ 11:00AM

Location: Steamboat Springs, CO
Elevation: 6700
Temp: 65
Planned Miles: Not Sure?
Total Miles Completed: 305

- We got a slow start this morning. It was a little hard to get out of those big comfy beds at the hotel. Once we finally rolled outside, we discovered Lane a had a flat on the KLR. Turns out it was a split in the seam of his tube. That's a first for me. No puncture, just a split seam.

- We were so close to Wyoming we felt it would be a disservice to not go there. The road going north out of Steamboat followed a river for 30+ miles. It is the same route of the upcoming Steamboat Marathon. Lots of curves and beautiful ranches.

- We grabbed a Forest Service road that show to take us across the stateline and intersect with Hwy 70 in Wyoming. It was nice a smooth going for about 20 miles and then it got interesting.

- The off-road stripes were definitely earned today. The trail slowing narrowed and got more and more technical. We were lured in to keep on going - one challenge after another...and another...and another. No one in the group wanted to back track. It was a fight to make it out and I'm sorry to say Wyoming won. We finally had to turn around after we found a giant tree across the trail with no way around.

The trail wouldn't have been too bad on a true dirt bike but we are riding 600+ lbs beast with 1/2 worn-out dualsport tires. Everyone took a soil sample today except Lane. I normally would be upset that the Super Tenere got scratched up but I feel more like they are battle scars. A right of Adventure Riding Passage if you will. Don't cry when you see the pics. All of the scars can be repaired. :)

- Once we finally made it out of the woods, I finally had to plug my rear tire. It was went from losing 15lbs a day to 15lbs in 15 mins. Lane said I need to vulcanize the plug by getting the tire hot. Luckily we were treated to 25 miles of twisties to get it very warm. :-) I still cannot believe this bike can play in the dirt and carve the asphalt like it does.

- We came south out of Wyoming and went through Winter Park and down into our new home for the next two days - Lakewood, CO. I'm actually looking forward to taking a break from the bike tomorrow. It's time to see some Motocross!




















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June 05, 2012

Super T no more…

Larry Skidmore
Larry Skidmore

June 02, 2012

Jason, If you double back through Colorado take Hwy 550 from Montrose to Durango. Around Ouray there are many jeep trails that your bikes can handle. A good one is over Engineer Mountain to Lake City

Dave Lee
Dave Lee

June 02, 2012

Reading this makes me want to go riding.

Larry Skidmore
Larry Skidmore

June 02, 2012

Lake City. Goes up to 12,000 feet plus

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