Day 9 - Rocky Mountain Campout

June 06, 2012

Sunday - June 3, 2012 @ 11:00AM

Location: Lakewood, CO
Elevation: 5450
Temp: 86
Planned Miles: **
Total Miles Completed: 438

- The group was unusually somber today. It could have been from a few different factors including the reality that we were leaving the mountains and had 3 days of flatland to ride, we realized we were on the downhill side of this trip and all of our real world lives would be back sooner than later, or it just could have been that we tried to drink all of Denver's finest barley and hops the day before. I believe it was a combination of all three.

- We left the Denver metro and headed towards Sedalia, CO to pickup the Rampart Range Rd south. Turns out this is a huge OHV area and there was a Dirtbike Poker Run going on as we came through. This meant the dirt road was full of car and truck traffic which slowed our normal bonzai pace. The single track followed the dirt road and was tempting the offroad spirit in me. This would be a great place to setup basecamp and enjoy all the great trails over a long weekend!

- I used the Garmin and set it to shortest distance setting and let it route us East. It took us through more farm land with endless dirtroads. I don't think the rest of the group enjoyed the gravel surface as much as I did.

- We had a late and well needed lunch in a little town in Southeast Colorado. Authentic Mexican....yummy. The downside was it took over 2 hours for the heavy stomach load to settle down.

- By the time we got to Dodge City, KS we pretty much toast. We made a quick pitstop and voted to camp b/c the temps were coming down. The closest place was the Gunsmoke Campground and RV park. This was going to be a mistake....

- After we checked in and paid our $40 I headed to the nearest gas station to get a rewards for our long day. To my dismay the beer cooler was locked. WTF. It's Sunday in the Bible Belt which means no beer for us sinners. :) I opted for 2 liters of water and bag of Oreo Double Stuff cookies.












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