Day 4 - Rocky Mountain Campout

May 30, 2012 5 Comments

Tuesday - May 29, 2012 @ 8:00AM

Location: Springer Lake, NM
Elevation: 6900
Temp: 65
Planned Miles: ?
84 miles off road
257 total miles

- cool temps in morning. Great roads into Taos.
- dan's left pannier fell off. Lane stopped and moved it to the side of road. Luckily it still worked.
- I got a walkin appt at the eye doc. Small case of conjuctivities from the dry air and wind. I was back at Walmart before guys finished sliming tires. :)
- walmart is Taos is no good. Poor management.
- I took the lead and managed to get us lost on forest service roads and private property. 40 miles of great double track
- I punctured rear tire. I little slime fixed it up in about 10 mins.
- realized lane's KLR handled like a tank with 300lbs of crap over rear axle. We move shared the load across the other 3 bikes and stiffened the rear shock. Big improvement.
- Joe was the first to take a soil sample. It was low speed and harmless. I asked if I could take a picture. He agreed. :)
- Stopped at dusk in heron lake state park new Mexico. Awesome campsite with a view of the lake. Everyone got in a shower. We needed it!
- dinner was I the form of freeze dried pouches and were actually darn good

PS: I really miss my girls, Avery and Kate. I hope that can enjoy this type of experience down the road.












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Luis A Luzuriaga
Luis A Luzuriaga

June 01, 2012

The pics are awesome…. It sure helps reading your blog n looking at the pics. It looks like you’re having a little bit too much fun…. Don’t get use to it. LOL. Keep having fun n enjoying yourself. Good luck with the rest of your adventure.

Jason Ennis
Jason Ennis

June 03, 2012

I heard they had a grass fed steak in Wyoming with free refills on sweet tea.

Jason Ennis
Jason Ennis

June 03, 2012

Sarg, the Heidenau’s are great. I’m pretty sure the puncture happened when I turned TCS off to roost Dan. :) I still can’t believe how well these tires are wearing with the abuse we are throwing at them.

The Taos Dinner is recommended!


June 01, 2012

WOW…those photos are amazing. I think they put one over on your at the Eye Doctor’s where you got a walk in. It looks a lot like a Taos Diner! A little dry humor there. Thanks for the updates. Hard to believe you punctured one of those Heidenau’s! I’m sure your girls miss you too! Ride safe…see you next week.


June 01, 2012

Has anyone seen Jason? I called CFPS and they said he left for lunch a few days ago and hasn’t returned. How are those Rocky Mountain Oysters? -:)

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